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A key issue for crypto payment solutions globally is transactional costs where the principal payment is so small the transaction costs become a significant percentage. No one has an issue with a few cents in fees when 100s of dollars are being transferred. The issue arises when there are perhaps 500 transactions of 2-3 cents with a similar transaction fee.

SemiTrust is the answer bringing down these costs by batching payments using a proprietary protocol.


When compared with the timescale of international bank transfers the blockchain is super fast taking seconds or minutes. An issue arises when smaller retail level transactions are to be considered. With traditional blockchain solutions, a risk-free, trustless transaction can take some time (minutes in some cases). SemiTrust is the answer allowing respectable retail speed transaction at the point of sale to compare with that of debit and credit cards whilst maintaining a risk-free transaction.

White Label

SemiTrust is a blockchain protocol together with white label consumer and merchant web-enabled solution.

In short, this means any ERC20 drive ecosystem can encapsulate the parts of the protocol and solution that are needed for its own use cases.

At SemiTrust we know one size does not, and never will, fit all. SemiTrust will work with you to deliver what you need in you ERC20 powered ecosystem through the SemiTrust protocol and white labeled web-enabled solutions.


The SemiTrust protocol together with consumer and merchant web-enabled solutions brings together your community in your ERC20 ecosystem.

SemiTrust sits inside your ecosystem to enhance and complete the user experience incorporating payments (including micropayments) fast and just as important safely.

We know the value of your community and ensure that SemiTrust enhances the bond and collaboration opportunities for your members.

Multi Token

SemiTrust as a basic protocol can integrate numerous tokens allowing part payment in cash and multiple tokens.

Our aim is simple…

SemiTrust aims to allow consumer/retail point of sale transactions to take place within your ERC 20 ecosystem with as little fuss and delay as cash and credit cards do worldwide today.

SemiTrust has it all covered for your ecosystem and your growing community.

Future in mind

SemiTrust is designed to be extended to have a global reach. Coupled with this extensibility we have focused on maintenance and support efficiencies throughout.

If your project has a need for a unique transfer approach be it fast or slow the chances are the SemiTrust protocol and platform can help.

At SemiTrust we know things change and solutions need to be adapted and configured to cover a huge variety of current and future transactions

“The SemiTrust Protocol coupled with the SemiTrust platform will enable global rapid ERCF20 token transfer at any scale. Semitrust Bridges the gap.”

Wayne Dobson - SemiTrust Creator

how SemiTrust Works

SemiTrust Protocol

The base protocol provides transactions on a global scale in a secure whilst anonymous solution. Focused on transparency and security.


Where merchants choose the off chain transactional protocol consumers are no longer linked to the specific item purchased on or off chain and only to the merchant in the off chain escrow processes.


ERC20 tokens are a global asset and SemiTrust meets that global demand allowing consumer members to use your very own white labeled ERC20 ecosystem.

Content Strategy

Consumer Security is managed simply and transparently with an appropriate escrow payment made to Semi Trust… Your trusted escrow provider

Merchants Payments

Merchant Members get funds directly from the buyer backed by SemiTrust Guarantee

Micro Payments

Merchants can choose to have payment held on escrow with SemiTrust and draw down funds over time thus bringing about potential saving in transaction costs which can be passed back to the consumer in saving or retained as increased profits.

On or Off Chain

Merchants can choose an on or off chain payment protocol to reduce costs and/or reduce time to available funds.

SemiTrst Platform

Micro Payments, Merchant Meyments all on or off chain delivering a diverse set of benefits suitable for any ERC20 ecosystem environment and requirement.

Micro Payments and Fast Payments at Work

Example – Faster Payment

Buy a coffee pay by ERC20 token and leave

A “buyer” member of Semitrust (or your white-labeled branded implementation) provides a transaction hash via the web-enabled secure app and is a matter of seconds the transaction is considered confirmed and secure all thanks to SemitTrust. No need to wait for the transaction to be mined. You pay, show and leave.
SemiTrust kicks into action and does its magic securing the merchants’ payment and confirming the details behind the scenes. Simple and straightforward transaction processing on the ERC20 ecosystem ready for mass adoption.

example – Micro Payment

Pay 100’s of small payments to a couple of Merchants each month

Traditionally payment on the blockchain is blockchain mined and bring about a mining fee. With the SemiTrust protocol, the payment is bundled under the guaranteed payment scheme and only 2 transactions occur each month. This brings about a massive reduction in the number of mining fees charged.

About the the creator or SemiTrust

Hello! I’m Wayne. I’ve Been Working in I.T. for over 4 decades.

Well… where to start… I had my first personal computer back in the late 70s when I was just 11 years of age.

During my career, I’ve worked on small and large projects for small and large organizations. This is not the place to cover any of that in details but suffice to say I’ve worked on software for banks, telecoms, 100’s of legal firms and countless other for profit and not for profit organizations.

This site is about my creation SemiTrust.

SemiTrust started as a purely academic project (which many of my personal projects do. I see a problem in the market place and design a solution for it. During the project lifecycle, these projects become of commercial use and are acquired.

I’m not anticipating this with SemiTrust and intend to continue involvement in the use of SemiTrust protocol and platform moving forwards as I see some amazing global potential for the concept of the coming months and years.

If you’re interested in contributing the project in terms of skills, finance or just taking on a license for label use reach out to me by clicking on the contact us link on this page.

I’m always keen to help out if you have other challenges around technology although to be fair I focus mostly on blockchain project at the time of creating this site.





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